Agencies that help people with a bad credit report to find housing

The financial crisis that swept the United States left many Americans with a bad credit score. Besides being an opportunity to improve, having a bad credit report can hinder buy a home or other property. However, a number of dedicated to helping people with a low score on your credit obtain housing agencies.

Federal Housing Administration (FHA) (Federal Housing Administration)

The FHA (for its acronym in English), is part of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. This government agency provides financial assistance through programs that help people buy their own home despite its current credit rating. Since its inception in 1934, the FHA helps individuals to purchase their own home (even with bad credit), providing affordable payment plans on a monthly basis for the down payment and other housing loan payments.

In addition, the agency provides assistance to homeowners with poor credit, to avoid losing their homes due to foreclosure by any of its loans. This is done through the Hope for Homeowners program (Hope for Homeowners), which is a system of payment of the mortgage with a rate fixed for up to 30 years to refinance an existing mortgage.

Credit Counseling Services The organization works closely with people with bad credit for finding the best type of home loan based on your current mortgage, financial situation and position, through its Program for Pre-Purchase Counseling. The program aims to help individuals looking to buy a home using their low credit score in order to properly evaluate and understand the process involved in buying a house and eliminate a mortgage with bad credit. In addition, the organization offers advice on debt management, helping to improve credit and ranking.

Operation HOPE Inc.

Operation HOPE Inc. is a supplier and facilitator of various tools and economic services. In order to help the most disadvantaged and neglected part of the population and people with a bad credit looking to buy a house, the organization established its own program of homebuyers. In collaboration with partner banks insured by the federal government, the program helps increase opportunities for people looking to buy their own home, regardless of their financial situation. Its team of realtors works hand in hand with the future homeowners to assess viable financial assistance offered by the organization.